Blankets by Craig Thompson is a graphic novel about the sibling rivalry of two brothers growing up in an small town, and the budding romance of two young lovers. It’s a tale of security and discovery, and the origins of faith.

Blankets is my first graphic novel (besides Calvin and Hobbs) and boy did I get kicked off to a good start! With wonderful writing and even more wonderful illustrations, this book had me spinning on an emotions wheel. 

The characters were so well developed. I fell in love with the main characters and hated the ones that were meant to be hated. The way he writes is just like…it’s just love on paper. The way he described and developed the main characters struggle with his faith, it was like you were going through it with him. 

The romance parts were perfect. They weren’t too strong to where they were cheesy and they weren’t to soft to where it seemed like the character’s had no chemistry. They were written and drawn to perfection. This book was 
phenomenal and once I finished I clutched it to my chest and fell asleep. I never want to return it to my library. It has a bitter-sweet ending that has you saying WHYYYY and AWWW and the same time. I absolutely loved everything about this book.

So with that being said, I give Blankets by Craig Thompson 5/5 stars.